Ethereum Mining Pools

Ethereum Mining Pools

List of Ethereum mining pools and features comparison.

Update February 2020

Most of the pools listed originally on this page have shutdown over the past few years. Please see my new post Top Ethereum Mining Pools in 2020 for an updated list of currently running Ethereum mining pools.

I will maintain this page in its original state below as a means of historical record.

This list of Ethereum mining pools is a work in progress and will be updated as new information becomes available. If you know of other pools that are not listed, or can provide missing information on any of the listed pools, please rely below in the comments section or send an email to:

Note that the pools can and often do change features and fees with little to no notice, so check the pool website for current information.  CryptoYeti does not endorse or recommend any pool listed below and all information is provided as informational only, please check with each respective pool website for any inconsistencies and their current policies.

Register Fee Minimum
per Day^
Alpereum No 0% 0.2 ETH 48 PROP Yes Variable
Bitclubpool Yes 0% ^^ ^^ PPLNS Yes Variable
Coinmine Yes 1% ? ? ? ? Variable
Coinotron Yes 4% 0.1 ETH 24 PPLNS Yes Variable No 0%*** 0.2 ETH 2 ? ? Variable
Donkeypool No 0%** 1 ETH 1  ?  Yes Variable
DwarfPool No 1% 1 ETH 24  ? Yes Static
EthereumPool No 1% 1 ETH 2 PROP Yes Variable
EtherMine No 1% 0.1 ETH 24 PPLNS Yes Variable
EthPool No 1% Solo* Solo* Pool Yes Variable No 1% 0.1 ETH 2 PPLNS/Time Prop Yes Variable
F2Pool Yes 4% 0.1 ETH 1 PPS ? ?
GetEth No 1% 0.5 ETH 2 PROP Yes Variable
MiningPoolHub Yes 0.9% 1 ETH 1 PPLNS Yes Variable
MyEtherPool No 1% 0.2 ETH 12 PROP Yes Variable
NanoPool No 1% 0.1 ETH 4 PPLNS ? Static
PooLTo.Be No 0%*** 0.2 ETH 12 PROP ? Variable
SuprNova Yes 1% 0.01 ETH 24 ? ? Variable
UTOCat No 1% 1 ETH 1 PPLNS/Time Prop ? Variable
Weipool No 1% 1 ETH 6 ? ? ?

^ Payouts per day listed at 24 indicate pool process payouts at least once per hour.
^^ Bitclubpool converts ETH mined into BTC. Payouts available on debt card.
* Mines similar to solo mining experience, with the exception your miners are pointed to a pool. Once you have built up enough credit, you are next in line to get the next block reward credited to you. More information at
**Free until June 15th, 2016 after that 0.5% fee.
*** Free for introduction period, unknown fee after this point.

Note that the above pool list is presented for your reference only and was accurate as of the date of publication. CryptoYeti makes no endorsement, nor is it responsible for the content, of any of the above websites. Pool and website content can change over time and/or shutdown. Please do your own research and exercise your own due diligence before choosing and using any of the above pools.

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  1. Hello, I have made a research on all forums I know (and in google too) to find all alive Ethereum Mining pools. I have made a table with all of them with real time updating. Find the best pool for you using ping and fee information. Less ping is better. Hope you find it useful( spent a couple of days to make it) visit
    If you know other pools, please let me know.

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